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   Full Game Client 3.0.

Client 3.0 version 6905 - 2.09 GB New

- There it is: Rune System, Epic Pirate, Relics and DeityLand.
- New System v6905.
- Anima.
- New Blue rune rare skills.
- New yellow runes rare skills.
- Tailed beasts with attributes and storage and effects.
- new rune system rank and storage.
- new class thunder strike it with rune skills.
- melting system.
- new chi system.
- upgrading all.

- Lion Full Client 3.0 Patch 6905.

Google Drive.



  Full Patch version 3.0.

Patch 3.0 version 6905 - 317 MB New.

- Lion Full Patch 3.0 Patch 6905.


Google Drive.


  Visual C++

Download this if you're having issues starting the game.

  Visual C++ (Microsoft)


General Info If your Game client doesn't start, please check if your Conquer.exe file is inside your game folder. If it's not, then your Antivirus or Windows defender blocked it. You should restore it (it's not harmful) and add it to your exclusion list, as it's a false alarm.

if you encounter any problems with extract use this winrar version

WinRAR 5.61
Unrar the client
7-Zip 18.06

take some screenshots
record some videos

If you get the error " ERROR: Please download flash player 6.0 " Then you need to download Flash Player 6.0
Flash Player 6.0

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Anima thunder strike v6905 now has been released with relics, runes rare. We wish everyone to share their opinions and support us with your ideas. .